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Visibility 10 Issue 3 & 4, 2016

Envision Conference 2016 Research Session 4: Emerging Low Vision Assessment Tools

Moderator: Ava Bittner, OD, PhD

This Envision Conference 2016 Research Session reviewed the current research on evaluating several emerging low vision assessment tools. Implications for closing clinical practice gaps will be analyzed. Abstracts presented: R4.1.EC16 Validation of a Reading Assessment for Persons with Homonymous Hemianopia and Quadrantanopia," Sarah Blaylock, OT; Mary Warren, PhD, OT. R4.2.EC16 Facilitating a Broader Understanding of Outcomes for Low Vision Rehabilitation and The Impact on Quality of Life, Melissa Bangle, PhDc; Meesa Maeng; Kara Crumbliss, OD; Janet Szlyk, PhD. R4.3.EC16 More Engaging Visual Field Testing to Increase Use and Reliability in Pediatrics, Ava Bittner. OD, PhD. R4.4.EC16 The French Quebec Adaptation of the Melbourne Low Vision ADL Index, Weighted Version: Preliminary Results of its Reliability, Josee Duquette, MSc. R4.5.EC16 Light Sensitivity and Dry Eye Syndrome, Peter Borden, PhD; Harvey Fishman, MD, PhD; Michelle Klien.

Visibility 7 Issue 1, 2013

Evaluation of a Recently Implemented Clinical Eccentric Viewing Training Program

Josée Duquette, MSc; Danièle Jean, OD; Jocelyn Loiselle, DESS, Marie-Chantal Wanet-Defalque, PhD

A structured and standardized eccentric viewing (EV) training program has been developed and implemented at the Institut Nazareth and Louis-Braille (INLB; Québec, Canada). It is provided in two formats: a basic version for instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), followed by an optional format for advanced reading. Over a period of two years, 28 low vision rehabilitation specialists of INLB were trained to administer the program.

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