Visibility Vol 12 Issue 4, 2018

Inner versus Outer Retinal Disease Patients’ Preferences for Lighting during Near Reading

A previous study found that reading improved when low vision (LV) patients used an LED illuminated hand-held magnifier with their preferred color temperature. However, this study did not explore differences in color temperature preference according to ocular disease. Another study reported that patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) preferred great levels of illumination for near reading than glaucoma patients. We explored whether lighting preferences for near reading were related to inner versus outer retinal degeneration in a more clinically heterogeneous LV population with AMD and/or glaucoma, or various other ocular diseases.

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Elderly couple under tree smiling

Quantifying Emotion Recognition and Classification in Clients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Aaron P. Johnson, PhD

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Man using magnifier on glasses

Characteristics of Older Bioptic Drivers: Effects of Increasing Age on Driving Safety

Bradley E. Dougherty, OD, PhD

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Elderly man being helped up steps

Using Remote Sighted Assistants to Identify the Location and Orientation of Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Paymon Rafian; Gordon E. Legge, PhD

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