Visibility Vol 11 Issue 1 & 2

Vision Rehabilitation for Penetrating Ocular Stab Wounds Following a Domestic Violence Knife Attack: A Case Study

The goal of vision rehabilitation is to empower patients with the capabilities of overcoming functional challenges that are most troublesome by maximizing residual vision, and improving the overall quality of life for patients with permanently impaired vision. This extraordinary case illustrates the effectiveness of a vision rehabilitation program in enhancing the functional vision and independence of a 46-year-old female (Ms C) who was assaulted with a knife during a domestic violence attack. The attack lead to bilateral penetrating orbital injuries, and consequently, permanent vision impairment after being stabbed in both eyes.

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Man using reader

Bilateral Atrophic Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Case Study

Gregg Baldwin, OD

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Woman instructed on using IPad

The Effectiveness of the Apple iPad as a Reading Tool for Individuals with Low Vision

Aaron Johnson, PhD; Christina Nadon; Elliott Morrice; Julie-Andrée Marinier, OD MSc; Olga Overbury, PhD; Walter Wittich, PhD, FAAO, CLVT

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Elderly couple riding bikes

Exploring Participation in Individuals with Glaucoma

Heather Livengood, MS, OTR/L; Nancy Baker, ScD, MPH, OTR/L

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