Visibility Vol 10 Issue 1 & 2, 2016

Introduction of Vision Rehabilitation Strategies in a Primary Care Multidisciplinary Mobility and Falls Prevention Clinic

The health implications of a fall for the elderly can be quite severe. With an aging population, the potential occurrence of a fall is likely to increase. Although, the cause of a fall is often multifactorial, there is evidence that there is an increased risk of a fall associated with vision impairments. A multidisciplinary Mobility and Falls Prevention clinic is described and the optometrist’s role in fall prevention through routine assessments and interventions and introduction of low vision rehabilitation options is defined. This paper will help low vision rehabilitation professionals identify individuals at risk of mobility concerns, identify those mobility issues related to a visual impairment, and outline the necessary vision tools and information to help prevent future falls.

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A person helping another person with a reading aide

Well-Being and Mental Health Factors among Informal Caregivers of Individuals with Visual Impairments

Callie Victor, PhD, OTR/L, CLA; Matthew Haase, MS, OTR/L, ATC; Michael Bown; Lindsey Bates, OTR; Michael Centra, OTR/L; Jaclyn Sachleben; Elizabeth Tyson; Michelle Gamber, DrPH; Suleiman Alibhai

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Patient with Stand Magnifier

Stand Magnifier Optical Strategies

Gregg Baldwin, OD

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Woman instructed on using IPad

The Effectiveness of the Apple iPad as a Reading Tool for Individuals with Low Vision

Aaron Johnson, PhD; Christina Nadon; Elliott Morrice; Julie-Andrée Marinier, OD MSc; Olga Overbury, PhD; Walter Wittich, PhD, FAAO, CLVT

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