Visibility Vol 8 Issue 1, 2014

Dynamic Scene Processing and Driving Skills in Older Drivers with Road Accidents

There are a number of perceptual and cognitive ability changes that accompany the aging process. The impact of such changes related to driving ability remains relatively unknown. Driving is both a highly visual and complex task that places high demands on perceptual, cognitive, and motor processes. Some evidence shows that perceptualcognitive skills as measured by the “useful field of view” (UFOV), are degraded in aging and that training on such tasks may improve driving incidence outcome. A recent study using a “multiple object tracking” (MOT) paradigm has shown that this measure may be a better predictor of driving ability than the UFOV in low vision patients.

Elderly couple under tree smiling

Quantifying Emotion Recognition and Classification in Clients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Aaron P. Johnson, PhD

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Man using magnifier on glasses

Characteristics of Older Bioptic Drivers: Effects of Increasing Age on Driving Safety

Bradley E. Dougherty, OD, PhD

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Elderly man being helped up steps

Using Remote Sighted Assistants to Identify the Location and Orientation of Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Paymon Rafian; Gordon E. Legge, PhD

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