Visibility Vol 7 Issue 3, 2013

The Influence of Vision Loss and Co-morbid Conditions on Occupational Performance: Client and Occupational Therapy Practitioner Perspectives

The purpose of this mixed methods study was to explore occupational therapy practitioners’ and clients’ perspectives regarding the influence of vision loss and co-morbid conditions on occupational performance. Additionally, the investigators sought to understand how these co-morbid conditions influenced occupational therapy evaluation and intervention in low vision rehabilitation.

Elderly couple under tree smiling

Quantifying Emotion Recognition and Classification in Clients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Aaron P. Johnson, PhD

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Man using magnifier on glasses

Characteristics of Older Bioptic Drivers: Effects of Increasing Age on Driving Safety

Bradley E. Dougherty, OD, PhD

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Elderly man being helped up steps

Using Remote Sighted Assistants to Identify the Location and Orientation of Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Paymon Rafian; Gordon E. Legge, PhD

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