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Gregg Baldwin - (11/2/2018 3:36:11 PM)
Geometrical Optics
Friedrich Schiller, in his 27 letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man(kind), stated that play is the act of balancing abstract thoughts regarding what should be, with our perceptions of what actually is. He stated that it is necessary for the determination of beauty, defined as the connection between the actual, and the ideal which is unknowable in its entirety. It is with this sense of play that William Brown, PhD, introduced geometrical optics during my freshman year of optometry school in 1979. This aesthetic education encouraged further playful construction and deconstruction of content and form for nearly four decades. These resulting 93 geometric figures contain labeled points that maintain their significance until noted otherwise. In order to visualize axial ratio equalities using triangles, the optic axis is represented as a circle of infinite radius, and the sign convention is unnecessary. Please follow this link to the attached figures:
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